Globalisation: how it works


20-minute lifestyle The World Economic Forum The world economic Forum had its conference last week and these are the people who are going to save you. World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2023, Davos | World Economic Forum (weforum.org) Schwab, Ursula van der Leyen (the leader of the European Union), this lady is actually Mrs Zelensky (the Ukrainian President’s wife) and, I’m not sure...

Signs of the Times – July 2022


Thoughts on the Jubilee I turned on the Service at St Paul’s Cathedral to honour the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with some foreboding expecting the usual establishment mish mash of multi faith platitudes.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear a traditional Christian service with prayers in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that I could say Amen to and hymns and readings that were scriptural.  It began...

Current Affairs Update — March 2022


Just mentioned that on the 22nd of March, that’s Tuesday, we’re going to have a Israel open meeting uh there’ll be a Jewish speaker speaking from the Israel Bonds and I’ll be speaking. So, a night to honour Israel. That’s a Tuesday and it begins at 7:15pm for refreshments. The actual speaking part will start at eight o’clock. It’ll also be on Zoom, so you can check...

Where is God in all this?


We’re heading for yet more troubles in this country. As I read the paper today, it says that, ‘As the government’s scientific advisors call for an immediate curtailment of indoor mixing to combat the spread of Omicron, the Prime Minister is considering a range of potential measures: from new guidelines on restricting social contact to a third national lockdown.’ telegraph.co.uk He’s...

Licht für die Endzeit – Frühling 2021


Israel in den letzten Tagen – Krieg oder Frieden? In Israel geschieht immer etwas Bedeutendes, da die Sammlung des jüdischen Volkes ins Land Israel das Hauptzeichen der letzten Tage und der Wiederkunft des Messias in der Bibel ist. Viele Propheten sprechen darüber, z.B. Jeremia 31.10: „Hört das Wort des Herrn, ihr Heidenvölker, und verkündigt es auf den fernen Inseln und sprecht: Der Israel...

‘A carefully prepared Apocalypse’


I just want to go back to the COVID and the economic situation. I heard recently a talk by a man called Ernst Wolff, a German (the talk was in German). You can get it on the internet. It helps that it has subtitles under it. He’s described as a finance author, journalist, and author. As far as I know he’s not a Christian, in fact his solution was a humanistic one but when I heard him...

Questions about the environment


繁體中文 spanish 简体中文 Global warming or cooling? Or end of days sign? Over the past months we have seen a number of weather-related disasters hit the world.  In July there were devastating floods in parts of western Germany and Belgium after two months’ worth of rain fell in two days.  Parts of China suffered their heaviest rain in 1000 years, flooding cities and farmland and doing major...

Acerca del medio ambiente


简体中文 english 繁體中文 ¿Calentamiento, enfriamiento global o una señal del fin de los días? En los últimos meses hemos asistido a una serie de catástrofes meteorológicas en todo el mundo.  En julio se produjeron inundaciones devastadoras en partes del oeste de Alemania y Bélgica, después de que en dos días lloviera una cantidad de agua equivalente a la de dos meses. Partes de China sufrieron las...

This Month in Prophecy – May/June 2021 (Part 1)


Covid, China and the Distress of nations

Interesting items on the Covid crisis, the bad guys taking over nation after nation and China’s role in all of this

The end of days’ scenario is on its way 

The world’s ship is sinking – get on the lifeboat to Jesus before it’s too late.