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繁體中文 spanish 简体中文 Global warming or cooling? Or end of days sign? Over the past months we have seen a number of weather-related disasters hit the world.  In July there were devastating floods in parts of western Germany and Belgium after two months’ worth of rain fell in two days.  Parts of China suffered their heaviest rain in 1000 years, flooding cities and farmland and doing major...

Acerca del medio ambiente


简体中文 english 繁體中文 ¿Calentamiento, enfriamiento global o una señal del fin de los días? En los últimos meses hemos asistido a una serie de catástrofes meteorológicas en todo el mundo.  En julio se produjeron inundaciones devastadoras en partes del oeste de Alemania y Bélgica, después de que en dos días lloviera una cantidad de agua equivalente a la de dos meses. Partes de China sufrieron las...

This Month in Prophecy – May/June 2021 (Part 1)


Covid, China and the Distress of nations

Interesting items on the Covid crisis, the bad guys taking over nation after nation and China’s role in all of this

The end of days’ scenario is on its way 

The world’s ship is sinking – get on the lifeboat to Jesus before it’s too late.

Signs of the Times. April 20 2021


Three situations that could spark World War III There are three situations in the world which could explode into major wars. Russia, Ukraine Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskiy has called on NATO and key member states to hasten his country’s membership of the western military alliance in response to a growing buildup of Russian forces on his country’s borders.  He spoke to...


• 地球上到底是什么回事?耶稣基督第二次降临的十个迹象迹象第1: 战争和暴力增加迹象第2: 地震,饥荒和瘟疫迹象第3. 自然灾害与环境 迹象第4. 不道德和违法行为 迹象第5. 以色列的重生和为耶路撒冷的战斗迹象第6. 全球化 迹象第7. 技术进步 迹象第8. 假先知们和弥赛亚们 迹象第9. 对信仰的攻击 跡象第10:福音的傳播 结束语,教会的被提,大患难和弥赛亚的千年统治1. 教会的被提 2. 大患难 3.千年王国与新天新地 被提将何时发生? 决定时间到了1.要理解上帝爱我们并想给我们永恒的生命: 2.要明白我们天生都是罪人,由于罪而与上帝隔绝: 3.要承认耶稣基督是上帝唯一对付罪恶的供应: 4.亲自接受耶稣作为救主和主 : 下载手册