The Messiah Factor

This website is dedicated to giving answers to questions about the Messiah



  • What clues do the Hebrew prophets give to Messiah’s identity?
  • If Jesus is the Messiah why is there no peace in the world?
  • Why has the professing church often persecuted Jewish people?
  • Is modern Israel an accident of history or a fulfilment of prophecy?
  • Is the Torah the bridge to God?

We invite you to explore this website which deals with these and other related questions. Articles are taken from our book ‘The Messiah Factor’, responses to Asher Norman’s book ‘26 Reasons why Jews don’t believe in Jesus’ and other related items.

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Answering Asher

Asher Norman wrote a book entitled “26 reasons why Jews don’t believe in Jesus”

Click here for answers to his book

Announcing a New Booklet:

Messiah, Israel and the end of days

  • Is the Jewish State of Israel an accident of history or the fulfilment of prophecy?
  • Does the answer to Israel’s dilemma lie hidden in the pages of the Hebrew prophets?
  • Are the present events in the Middle East a sign of the biblical end of days’ scenario coming to pass?

This booklet examines texts from the Bible and the Talmud and traces a pattern of prediction pointing us in one direction, which is both fascinating and troubling at the same time.

Follow us on a journey of discovery as we show how the Bible gives us the only hope for the future of Israel and the earth.

Read the complete booklet

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