This Month in Prophecy – Part 2 – Is the World Falling Apart or Coming Together?


Apparently, Putin has taken about a million Ukrainians who have been deported from Ukraine and taken into Russia. We don’t know how many of those will ever return. He’s also taking the food out of Ukraine taking it to Russia. If you know your history, you may know that that’s exactly what Stalin did in the 1930s. He starved the place and took people out of it. It’s an abominable situation.

“We’re approaching the most dangerous point in human history… We are now facing the prospect of destruction of organised human life on Earth.” Noam Chomsky.
·     Russia – Ukraine – mass destruction, threat of nuclear war, energy and food crisis, collapse of the world’s economy – some possible outcomes of the war.
·     World Economic Forum (WEF) calls for world government to solve problems of climate change, conflict and trade crisis. Needs a new economic system with Central Bank Digital Currencies and the end of cash.
·     Events that come before the return of Jesus Christ.

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