This Month in Prophecy – Part 1 – ISRAEL TODAY – April 2022


It’s interesting that Zechariah 12 begins with that statement about the burden of the Word of the Lord and the fact that the Lord is the creator, the redeemer, and that He has all things under His control, that He knows what’s going to happen at the end of days, and He’s bringing back the Jewish people to the land of Israel.

It says that Jerusalem is going to be the ‘burdensome stone burdening all nations’. In other words, there’s something about Jerusalem that is going to occupy the attention of the nations of the world, and it’s going to be something which will be at the centre of world events. So, when you see things happening in Jerusalem, you know that something significant is happening. And it won’t be just about the physical condition of Jerusalem, there’ll also be something spiritual going on.

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