This Month in Prophecy – January 2023 – Part III – What is happening in our world?


Multiple crises are coming on the world. Some think there’s no way out of the crises; and, if you look around, the one striking thing is the absence of answers from people. Politicians come together at the World Economic Forum, but they’re supposed to be answering the crises coming over us. Yet, if you look at the answers they propose, they’re not going to work. Religious leaders too. Here, in the UK, the Archbishop of Canterbury spends most of his time talking about climate change and all sorts of things but not very much time preaching Jesus – and really the only answer which we have got is in Jesus Christ. He is the only one who can sort it out. Our political and social leaders make it worse and the only answer we have got is what we find in the Bible; and the only people who’ve really got a genuine reason to have a hope for the future are Bible-believing Christians.

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  • The problem is perhaps we are expecting solutions from some of the people who are causing, facilitating or allowing these problems to manifest in the first place?