The Jubilee and beyond


The huge dragon, an intricate kite-like puppet requiring 20 skilled puppeteers, is called ‘The Hatchling’ and has been created by Trigger Productions. It is larger than a double-decker bus and it’s already spread its massive wings (20 metres and counting, which is almost the width of The Mall) …

The creature’s hatching and flight will form part of the Jubilee Pageant on Sunday June 5th as one of a number of special events and celebrations for the extra-long bank holiday.

Once the creature has hatched, the dragon will be greeted by a dancer who will skip, dance and play with the dragon as they interact with the crowds around them. As the dragon embarks on its journey, ‘intricate kites and long, flowing ribbons will unfurl at the dragon’s wings, adding a sense of flight, excitement and celebration’, according to its creators.