Israel, Middle East – Prophecy for our times


Will someone come up with a solution to this problem, offering peace and safety, bringing a guarantee such as a peace treaty? If so, would he be hailed as a great world leader? Israel Politics Let’s just come on to Israel because Israel was also mentioned in the speech which Guterres gave at the U.N General Assembly. He said, “In Israel and Palestine, cycles of violence under the occupation...

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Biden signs ‘Jerusalem Declaration’ On his visit to the Middle East US President Joe Biden signed a joint strategic declaration with Prime Minister Yair Lapid on 14 July in Jerusalem, in which the US vowed to use “all elements in its national power” to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. “The United States stresses that integral to this pledge is the commitment never to allow Iran to...

Israel Desk – June 2022


Israel moves to fifth election in three years On June 20th Israel’s weakened coalition government decided to dissolve parliament and call new elections.  The vote, expected later this year, could bring about the return of a nationalist religious government led by former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or another prolonged period of political gridlock.  In a nationally televised news...

Israel Desk – October 2021


Israeli PM rules out a Palestinian State Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said that for now, he has ruled out a meeting with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas and the creation of a Palestinian state.  “I oppose a Palestinian state, and I think it would be a grave mistake to import the failed Gaza model of Hamas, which shoots rockets at us and turn the entire West Bank into...

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We’re going to look now at some of the things happening in Israel and the Middle East relating to the Second Coming. A number of verses in the scripture speak about a time of trouble which will centre on Israel and the Middle East before the return of Jesus the Messiah. Jeremiah chapter 30 verse 3 says: For behold, the days are Coming,’ says the Lord, ‘that I will bring back from captivity...

Israel – the last 6 months


Israel, prophecy and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ Irreplaceable Israel land of israel war and israel israel vaccination plans Israel’s Messiah – correction The UK – Israel relationship – A match made in heaven? events in israel, iran, russia israel desk – april 2021 israel roundup – politics, social and sacred news the situation in israel/gaza Why doesn’t...

Why do people seem to disregard that Hamas has gone on record multiple times saying they’d accept peace with Israel?


Question: Why do people seem to disregard that Hamas has gone on record multiple times saying they’d accept peace with Israel on the terms of them withdrawing from the West Bank (1967 borders) and insist all Palestinians want to kill all Jews? Answer: I don’t believe it. Hamas fired 4500 missiles into Israel over 52 days in 2014. Then accepted a cease fire after Israel retaliated. 2014 –...

What did Israel and Palestine fight for?


The simple answer is that Hamas and most of the Palestinian Authority want to wipe out Israel and create a Palestinian state ‘from the river to the sea’ (the Mediterranean to the Jordan River). Hezbollah, Iran, and Turkey support them in this endeavour. Israel, understandably, does not want to be wiped out so defends itself with Iron Dome defence system and with counter attacks on Hamas when they...

‘Why doesn’t Israel agree to a Palestinian State?’

The Palestinians could have had a state in 2000 when Israeli PM Barak offered Yasser Arafat almost all of what he wanted, except for the Jewish quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. Arafat said ‘Whoever would give away one centimetre of Jerusalem is not an Arab and not a Muslim.’ In 2008 Israeli PM Ehud Olmert offered 94% of the West Bank with some compensating Arab areas of Israel. Each...

Time of trouble


You will arise and

have mercy on Zion;

For the time to favor her,

Yes, the set time, has come

Psalm 102.13