Who am I? – Jay Seegert


I would not want to be in his shoes when he faces his Creator. I pray for the guy. It’s not that he’s not smart enough, he needs that different Starting Point, the different foundation to interpret those facts. He doesn’t need someone screaming at him or trying to win an argument, he needs one, someone to share Jesus with him, and to be praying for him. How do we know the Bible...

Bible binds America to Israel


Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said it’s not the shared moral and democratic values that bind America and the Jewish state in everlasting friendship. It’s the Bible.  Bennett: It’s the Bible That Binds America to Israel | Israel Today Speaking at the US Embassy in Jerusalem on the occasion of America’s 245th Independence Day on 4th July, Bennett stated:  ‘Anyone who has read...

Expressions of love


Nurturing family in the faith To reconcile us to God Eternal Security Who is like unto You my identity Call on the Lord God the Holy Spirit in Jesus Promise of Pentecost Betrayal, adultery, divorce, single parenthood Love is NOT a feeling What are you going to do about this God? God intervenes ‘Tis in Thy cross Born Again The Lord’s Sabbath rest The certainty of ultimate victory in...

Questions from Colossians 1 – Daniel Bishop


For it pleased the Father

that in Him all the fullnessshould dwell, and by Him

to reconcile all thingsto Himself, by Him,

whether things on earth

or thingsin heaven, having made peace

through the blood ofHis cross.

Colossians 1.19-20

Saving the World


We know that we belong to God

even though the whole world

is under the rule of the Evil One.

1 John 5.19