Satan’s shadow on our education


There’s a power in the world which is trying to make you not believe. His name is Satan or the devil, and he has a strategy from the beginning: to cause people not to believe. He’s very active in our society, telling people not to believe the things which I just read. Not to believe in the creed, especially about God as the creator. If you go to school today, you’re going to be...

Señales de la Era – octubre 2021


click here for the english language version Dudas sobre Darwin El número de científicos y académicos que expresan dudas acerca de la teoría de la evolución de Darwin es cada vez mayor. Muchos admiten que los procesos naturales, las mutaciones y la selección natural no podrían haber producido la vida en la Tierra tal como la vemos ahora, y que el “diseño inteligente” es la explicación más lógica...

Signs of the Times – October 2021


The politics of Climate Change A number of weather-related disasters have happened in recent months, floods, fires, heatwaves and droughts.  All these have been blamed on ‘anthropomorphic (man-made) global warming’, the issue the world is coming together to address at the COP Climate Conference in Glasgow in November.  COP26-Explained.pdf (ukcop26.org) The UN’s IPCC released a document...