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This month in prophecy – December 2021 (Part 2)


Back in the time of the when everyone was talking about Brexit and the European Union, when the North Koreans were also getting a bit aggressive with their weapons, I saw a cartoon that showed three old men sitting together. One said: “They say it’s the Third World War.” The one next to him one replied: “Well at least it’ll take our minds off Brexit!” Everyone...

This month in prophecy – December 2021


There's no other generation in history apart from ours that has seen the possibility of a worldwide economic system with the worldwide Mark of the Beast system being a possibility. This simply hasn't been even feasible in any other generation except ours. Now, it is feasible. No other generation except ours has seen the return of the Jewish people to the land of Israel and the conflict over the...

Signs of the Times – Nov 2021


One minute to midnight The Cop 26 Climate Summit in Glasgow began with a number of predictions of impending doom if humanity does not resolve the problems caused by ‘Anthropomorphic (man-made) Global Warming’.  The BBC and Sky News led up to it with near constant stories of the coming devastation due to climate change. Boris Johnson said, ‘The world is at one minute to midnight as a...

Revista Luz para los Últimos Días


Israel en los últimos días ¿Guerra o paz? – Orígenes bíblicos Siempre observamos algo revelador en Israel ya que la señal bíblica principal que apunta a los últimos días de nuestra era y al regreso del Mesías es el retorno de la diáspora del pueblo judío a la tierra de Israel. Muchos pasajes de los profetas hablan de esto. Por ejemplo: ¡Oíd palabra de Jehová, naciones, y hacedlo saber en las...

Israel vaccination plans


Many men,

claiming to speak for me,

will come and say,

‘I am the Messiah!’ and

they will fool many people.

Matthew 24.5

Saving the World


We know that we belong to God

even though the whole world

is under the rule of the Evil One.

1 John 5.19

A global Covid pass


that no one may buy

or sell except one

who has the mark or the name

of the beast, or

the number of his name.

Revelation 13.17