Meditation for 2023 – Malachi


We’ve got a constant assault upon traditional values, upon Biblical values, and upon Christianity in this country. And none of it for the better. People are trying to change things, generally, in an Antichrist direction.  And we really need the unchanging God to keep us. The hymn which we’re going to sing later, ‘Abide with me’ has the verse: ‘Change and decay in all around I see, O thou who changes not, Abide with me.’

We have the God who abides with us even in the midst of a changing world. We’re on a strong position. If we don’t have the God who abides with us then, we are in a very weak position. We’re going to be blown about by every wind of doctrine and every idea which comes along and be confused and distressed as we see most of the people in our country are today, really being blown about not knowing where they’re going.

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