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Warring against God


The people involved are not just at war with Israel, they are at war with God. They are called God’s enemies Do not keep silent, O God!Do not hold Your peace,And do not be still, O God!2 For behold, Your enemies make a tumult;And those who hate You have lifted up their head.3 They have taken crafty counsel against Your people,And consulted together against Your sheltered ones.4 They have...

Israel Desk – November 2023


Blessing and Curse On September 22nd, Israeli PM Netanyahu spoke at the UN about the prospect of peace in the Middle East. This followed an announcement made by world leaders at the G20 Summit in New Delhi on September 9th, which aimed at creating an agreement to normalise relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel and a peace treaty bringing a corridor connecting India, the Middle East and...

This Month in Prophecy – November 2023


Israel at War

Talk by Tony Pearce at The Bridge Christian Fellowship – Subjects include:• The general world crisis – the Eve of Destruction?• Israel’s enemies want its destruction. Will they succeed?• Christians should stand by Israel and Jewish people in the face of growing hatred.• God, the Devil and the end of days prophecies. Signs of the coming again of the Messiah.

What does God say?


15 Thus saith the Lord; A voice was heard in Ramah, lamentation, and bitter weeping; Rachel weeping for her children refused to be comforted for her children, because they were not.16 Thus saith the Lord; Refrain thy voice from weeping, and thine eyes from tears: for thy work shall be rewarded, saith the Lord; and they shall come again from the land of the enemy. 17 And there is hope in thine...

Israel Update – October 15, 2023


“Comfort, yes, comfort My people!”Says your God.2 “Speak comfort to Jerusalem, and cry out to her,That her warfare is ended,That her iniquity is pardoned;For she has received from the Lord’s handDouble for all her sins.” 3 The voice of one crying in the wilderness:“Prepare the way of the Lord;Make straight in the desertA highway for our God.4 Every valley shall be exaltedAnd every mountain and...

Geopolitics of the Middle East


Another interesting factor relates to China which is a dominant power. China is moving into all parts of the world including the Middle East, and they have made this deal with Iran and Saudi Arabia; a very big deal. Saudi and Iran have been at loggerheads: Saudi the leading Sunni power and Iran, the leading Shiite power, are hostile to each other. Iran has hit Saudi with missiles and there is a...

Israel today – War or Peace in the Middle East


In the volatile landscape of the Middle East, Israel finds itself once again plunged into a state of war. This abrupt shift follows a surprising attack by Hamas from Gaza, which initiated a call for an Islamic uprising against Israel, with a focus on defending the sacred Al-Aqsa Mosque. Supporters in the West Bank are poised to join the conflict, while Hezbollah from Lebanon and Iran’s...