Dear Friends, It’s been a while …


Dear Friends

It’s been a while since I posted news of our activities.  I spent not a very exciting Summer having 20 rounds of radiotherapy at hospital for prostate cancer.  Lots of prayer gone up and I have come through in quite good shape, hopefully good for a few more years yet. 

Meantime these are some of the things I have produced which you may be interested in.

Please read our latest magazine Light for the Last Days with articles on Israel and the Peace with Saudi Arabia, and the progress to world tyranny via technology leading to Revelation 13 and the Mark.  Also my story of salvation from Marxism to the Messiah!  Good read. 

Several talks at the Bridge, including three prophecy talks – current events in light of Bible prophecy. 

27 August – Israel in Danger, the supreme court issue.  Divisions in the land and dangers from outside

10th September – World falling apart and coming together

24 September – Israel and Saudi peace.  Plus progress to world control system

Also two talks on Law and Grace.  Should we keep the commands in the Torah?  What did Paul mean by the ‘curse of the law’?  How to escape it.

Isaiah 51.  The Third Servant Song.  God’s righteousness and God’s salvation.

We can also supply hard copies of the latest Light for the Last Days.  Good to pass on to your friends and family.  Also an article I have written on ‘Should Gentile Christians / Messianic Jews / Orthodox Jews keep the whole of the Torah?’  Available here on request.

All the signs pointing to the return of the Lord.  Keep posted!


  • Dear Tony

    It’s so good to read that you are coming through this difficult time health-wise. PTL! Please can you send me a hard copy of the LFTLD magazine. I much prefer to read it that way. Thank you. My address is: Varenna, La Rue du Moulin de Ponterrin, Trinity JE3 5HH, Jersey.
    I’m still in shock and grief over what has happened to Israel 2 days ago. I was up praying at 1 am this morning, I could not sleep, and have been praying and weeping throughout the day.

    Bless you and Shalom in the Name of Yeshua.