• It is so refreshing to hear such a detailed evidence based rebuttal of the age old lies directed against Israel. Nothing new though in the response (or rather rather, lack of response) to the presented material. Not that it should not continue to be presented. It is clear that so many in academia have their own research funding interests in mind and to go against the world view of Israel, with a few decent exceptions, is simply not in the frame for them. Forgive me, if I sound cynical, it seems to me a case of “Please don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is made up”……which is the very opposite of the position academics should adopt. Excellent viewing, and the professor is modestly engaging.

    • Thank you Jo! It is a sad state of affairs when ‘research’ follows religiously the trail of mammon, and facts get confused because of greed. The Spirit in us discerns, and we can be counted among the glad who worship Jesus, God’s only Son, and who assert Israel’s chosen status as a people and a nation to the glory of our Maker. Be blessed!