Coronation thoughts


Talk by Tony Pearce at the Bridge Christian Fellowship on 7th May

The coronation service was outwardly very impressive and contained much that should have warmed the heart of a Christian, as the King made his oath to defend the Protestant faith and the Gospel.  But God is not impressed with outward form but with inward reality.

Does King Charles believe the oath he made?  He has affirmed other faiths and Islam as equal with Christianity so how does this square with the Gospel message of Jesus as the one way to God?

He insisted on having Camilla crowned as queen, alongside him, but what does Jesus’ teaching on divorce and remarriage in Matthew 19 show about their relationship in the eyes of the Lord?

What about Charles’ climate change agenda that has got him involved with World Economic Forum / UN plans to work for world government?

The talk concludes with a look at relevant passages in the Bible including what was said at the coronation of King Solomon and what happened when King Josiah discovered the book of the Law in 2 Kings 22 and a warning of judgement coming on the monarchy, nation and church in the UK for ignoring the message of the Bible. 

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