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The biggest danger in all globalist measures is the development of Artificial Intelligence technology. There is already concern about the use of mRNA injections in the Covid vaccine and the effect these have on altering our natural immune system.

Added to this is the technology known as CRISPR. Here is the New Scientist definition of CRISPR (

‘CRISPR is a technology that can be used to edit genes and, as such, will likely change the world. The essence of CRISPR is simple: it’s a way of finding a specific bit of DNA inside a cell. After that, the next step in CRISPR gene editing is usually to alter that piece of DNA.’

New Scientist

DNA is the building block of life. Altering it means altering who we are.

On November 20, 2017, an article appeared on Forbes website entitled, Transhumanism and The Future of Humanity: 7 Ways the World Will Change By 2030. The following quote from it appears under the heading of ‘Our bodies will be augmented’:

‘The coming years will usher in a number of body augmentation capabilities that will enable humans to be smarter, stronger, and more capable than we are today. Wearables will be one form of body augmentation, but they will far surpass the fitness trackers of today. . . . We will also see increased use of implants ranging from brain microchips and neural lace to mind-controlled prosthesis and subdermal RFID chips that allow users to unlock doors or computer passwords with the wave of a hand.’

It speaks of “powerful CRISPR gene editing technology which may one day give us the ability to eliminate all heritable diseases. These body augmentation capabilities will give rise to humans that are more resilient, optimized and continually monitored.

Note the phrase ‘continually monitored.’ In the wrong hands this technology opens the way for a few powerful people to control the mass of humanity.

This ties in with what the Bible says will happen in the last days immediately before the return of Jesus Christ.

Consider these words from Yuval Harari, an Israeli technology guru, from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, who is a speaker at high level WEF events. He is highly intelligent and articulate, as well as being dismissive of God, stating that the Bible is fiction, there is no God in the universe and the story of Jesus rising from the dead is fake news. He said recently that God is dead, but He just hasn’t been given a decent burial yet. Here are some quotes from his speeches, including one at the Empowerment Foundation in Lausanne Switzerland.

World Economic Forum (

‘The potential of AI is much bigger than any historical revolution. It’s really a biological revolution. Now we can give them the tools to start changing or overcoming biology. Humans are hackable animals. This is the result of the enormous scientific and technological revolutions in Infotech and Biotech, now combining in a single revolution. Biological knowledge times computing power times data equals the ability to hack human beings. Once this is possible it means that whoever understands me better than I understand myself can not only predict my decisions and choices, but increasingly take those decisions on my behalf. It means shifting the authority from humans to algorithms. Now for the first time in human history, maybe in ten or twenty years time, some governments and corporations will have enough biological knowledge and computing power and data to systematically hack millions or billions of human beings. We need to take counter measures or this will mean the end of liberal democracy as we know it and the end of free market economics, based on the idea that the customer is always right. Now governments in a democracy represent the will of the people and corporations serve the desire of the people. But what happens if the government and corporations can not just anticipate the will and desire of the voters and consumers, but also manipulate and control them? The people and the governments do not understand the significance of what is happening in the world. More and more decisions taken on our behalf will be taken by algorithms. Who designs these algorithms and on what ethical basis is crucial for our survival.’

Yuval Harari


‘The current global emergency is creating the conditions when people might be willing to accept the changes required. It is said you should never allow a good crisis to go to waste, because a crisis is an opportunity to do reforms that in normal times people will never agree to. In a crisis you have no choice so let’s do it. The vaccine will help us. People will look back in a hundred years and recognise that the coronavirus was a time when a new regime of surveillance took over, especially surveillance under the skin.’

Yuval Harari

‘We need some kind of global identity and global loyalty. The potential of AI (artificial intelligence) is much bigger than any historical revolution. It’s really a biological revolution. Now we can give ourselves the tools to start changing or overcoming biology. By hacking the organism science can gain the power to engineer the power of life itself. In the coming decades AI and biotic life forms will give us godlike ability to reengineer life and even create completely new life forms. We are about to enter a new era of inorganic life shaped by intelligent design – our intelligent design. We will be upgrading humans, developing bigger powers, upgrading humans into gods.’ Harari admits that this process might enable human elites to ‘build digital dictatorships. … Once human life is hacked, the hackers will maintain control over life itself.’

Yuval Harari

Note these phrases: ‘be continually monitored’ ‘build digital dictatorships’, ‘have control over life itself ’. An article by Jonathan Brentner on Prophecy News Watch claims that things are already in place to bring this to pass.

ID2020 | Digital Identity Alliance

1. Set up global ID system which enables you to operate a digital financial network. There is already a plan being worked on under Patent WO2020 060606. Note the number 060606! (

2. Include everyone in this through ID2020, an initiative that seeks to provide 1.1 billion people in the poor regions of the world with the legal identification that they currently lack; it will give them a digital ID, so that the globalists can include them into their system of worldwide control, vaccinate them, and thereby continually monitor and dictate their behaviour.

3. “Quantum dot” technology may be the way this will be enforced connecting to the mark of the beast by which the antichrist will mark those who belong to him by tattooing their right hand or forehead. The “Quantum Dot” will inject a vaccine and leave a tattoo on the skin at the same time. This will connect the recipient to an external digital source via the ID2020 technology to verify that it has been received. Initially, this will vaccinate the individual as well as leave a tattoo, perhaps visible, that will electronically reveal his or her vaccine status.

Jonathan Brentner
WO2020060606A1 – Cryptocurrency system using body activity data – Google Patents

Jonathan Brentner also writes:

‘Together, these three initiatives lay out a clear path to what will become the “mark of the beast” by the halfway point of the tribulation. By then, the electronic tattoo will appear on one’s forehead and hand and reveal one’s ability to buy and sell as well as to the degree they are able to participate in such activities. This tattoo will be the only means of participating in market of goods and services.’

‘Before the dawn of this century, it would have taken an army of several hundred thousand to control the buying the selling across the planet and even then, it would not have been fool proof. Now with artificial intelligence and all the many advances related to transhumanism, the technology exists for one person to do this. That person will be the antichrist. The globalists will have everything in place before he steps onto the world stage. Because of the speed at which technology and transhumanism are advancing, everything will be ready for him when the time comes for him to appear on the world’s stage.’

Jonathan Brentner
Great Tribulation Antichrist Timeline

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