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Light for the Last Days: July 2021 edition


• The Cancel Culture and the Strong Delusion.
• Promoting insanity.
• The Qur’an and the Bible – which has the authentic account?
• The Departure and Return of the Glory.

Jesus in the Qur’an


ESPAÑOL 简体字中文版 FRANÇAIS 繁體字中文版 Islam has stories about Jesus which it claims are true. Where they differ from the Gospel account, they say it is because the account in the Gospel have been altered by later writers. The Qur’an and the Hadith were written between 600 – 900 years after Jesus by people who lived in a different time and a different place with different culture to the people who wrote...

The Trinity in Scripture – Tony Pearce


‘The debate about the Trinity has gone on for a long time.  Here are answers I wrote to a Jewish objection to the idea of God as a Trinity and Jesus as Son of God and about the Trinity in the New Testament.  They look at some of the scriptures in the Old and New Testament which back up the Trinitarian view of God and give answers to many of the issues raised recently by Niall Mac Gowan...