2000 years – Israel and the Messiah


español Français 繁體/简体中文 How old is the world? ‘The world is to exist for six thousand years; the first two thousand years are to be void; the next two thousand years are the period of the Torah, and the following two thousand years are the period of the Messiah. Through our many sins some of these have already passed and the Messiah has not yet come.’Talmud b. Avodah Zarah 9a This statement is...

Light for the Last Days: July 2021 edition


• The Cancel Culture and the Strong Delusion.
• Promoting insanity.
• The Qur’an and the Bible – which has the authentic account?
• The Departure and Return of the Glory.

Exodus 24 – The written Word of God


If you’ve been with us for a while, you may know that I was looking at the Book of Exodus and the lessons which we learned from the event of the Jews coming out of Egypt. And, in Corinthians Paul tells us that these things which happened are examples to us who have come to faith in Jesus the Messiah. As we look at the pattern of events which took place with the Exodus, we can see that there...

The Departure and Return of the Glory


ESPAÑOL 繁體字中文版 FRANÇAIS 简体字中文版 Second Temple – Wikipedia In the year 63BC the Romans entered Jerusalem, beginning the Roman occupation of Israel.  When the Romans took control of Jerusalem, their General Pompey entered the Temple and went right into the Holy of Holies, thus causing great offence to the Jewish people. It was thought that he might be struck dead for committing this...

La partida y el regreso de la Gloria


english FRANÇAIS 简体字中文版 繁體字中文版 Segundo Templo – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre En el año 63 a. C. los romanos entraron en Jerusalén, comenzando la ocupación romana de Israel. Cuando los romanos tomaron control de Jerusalén, su general Pompeyo entró en el Templo y fue directamente al Lugar Santísimo, causando una gran ofensa al pueblo judío. Se pensó entonces que moriría por cometer este...

The Second Temple, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Glory of God


According to Jewish teaching, the 2nd temple lacked 5 things present in the first temple. Ark of covenant,Sacred fire falling from heaven on the sacrifices,The Shekinah, the glory cloud,The Urim and Thummim (on High Priest’s garments, by which the will of God was discerned)The spirit of prophecy. So the Holy of Holies in the second temple period lacked these things which were present in the first...

The Lord’s Sabbath rest


Today we’re going to go back to Exodus. So, if you’ve been with us for a while, you know that I’ve been looking at the lessons we can learn from Israel’s wanderings through the wilderness. And we now come on to the Ten Commandments passage. The centre-point if you like, of the Exodus story. And indeed, of the whole of the Old Testament, the Hebrew scriptures, in which God...