The present and coming world crisis – what the Bible says


We need a vast, military-style campaign to marshal the strength of the global private sector with trillions at its disposal. It’s surely time to launch a substantial green recovery by putting the global economy on a confident sustainable trajectory and thus save our planet. Prince Charles Little children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now...

Prophecies 預言 Messiah 弥赛亚 profecías 预言Mesías prophéties 彌賽亞 Messie


ENGLISH 简体中文 ESPAÑOL 繁體中文 FRANÇAIS This lists the prophecies in the Hebrew Bible which Jesus fulfilled at His first coming and those which He will fulfil at His Second Coming. 本文列出了希伯来圣经中耶稣在第一次来临时应验过的预言和耶稣在第二次来临时将实现的预言。Les prophéties de la Bible hébraïque que Jésus a accomplies lors de sa première venue et celles qu’il accomplira lors de sa seconde venue sont énumérées ici...

The Trinity in Scripture – Tony Pearce


‘The debate about the Trinity has gone on for a long time.  Here are answers I wrote to a Jewish objection to the idea of God as a Trinity and Jesus as Son of God and about the Trinity in the New Testament.  They look at some of the scriptures in the Old and New Testament which back up the Trinitarian view of God and give answers to many of the issues raised recently by Niall Mac Gowan...