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The Queen never visited Israel Not because she did not want to but because the Foreign Office prohibited such a visit. In a moving speech, Lord Polak paid tribute to the Queen in the House of Lords – but levelled searing criticism at the Foreign Office for preventing her from visiting Israel. The Tory peer, who was director of Conservative Friends of Israel for more than 25 years, criticised the...

Prophecies of the Messiah


daniel 9

identifying messiah

messiah: a great man or a divine person?

messiah and the end of days

no peace, no messiah

the timing of the messiah

messiah to be descended from david

the six tasks of messiah

does messiah come twice?

israel’s messiah – correction

zechariah 9

exodus 12

psalm 118

Speak through the earthquake, wind, and fire


… Drop Thy still dews of quietnessTill all our strivings cease;Take from our souls the strain and stress,And let our ordered lives confessThe beauty of Thy peace.Breathe through the heats of our desireThy coolness and Thy balm;Let sense be dumb – let flesh retire;Speak through the earthquake, wind, and fireO still small voice of calm!John Greenleaf Whittier, 1807-92

True prophecy


I know the thoughts that I have

towards you says the Lord

Jeremiah 29.11

We owe it, Lord, to Thee


All that we were – our sin, our guilt, Our death – was all our own; All that we are we owe to Thee, Thou God of grace, alone.   Thy mercy found us in our sin, And taught us to believe; Then, in believing, peace we found And now in Christ we live.   All that we are e’en here on earth All that we hope to be When Jesus comes and glory dawns – We owe it, Lord, to...

O Blessed Lord!


Lord! while our souls in faith reposeUpon Thy precious blood,Peace, like an even river, flowsAnd mercy, like a flood.Mary Peters, 1813-56