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Exodus 24 – The written Word of God


If you’ve been with us for a while, you may know that I was looking at the Book of Exodus and the lessons which we learned from the event of the Jews coming out of Egypt. And, in Corinthians Paul tells us that these things which happened are examples to us who have come to faith in Jesus the Messiah. As we look at the pattern of events which took place with the Exodus, we can see that there...

Exodus 24 – Israel responds to the Torah / Law


The talk starts at minute 32 of the recording. ·      Jewish responses to Jesus – is Jesus the Messiah or not? ·      Verse 1-2. Moses the Mediator, Jesus the Mediator ·      Verse 4. The Written Word versus the Oral Torah ·      Verses 3 and 7, Israel’s response ‘All that Lord...