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Signs of the Times – September 2022


Queen’s funeral As well as the 2000 dignitaries present in Westminster Abbey, an estimated 5 billion people, around 60% of the world’s population, watched the Queen’s funeral on September 19th. As well as marvelling at the British genius for organising such spectacular events, they heard clear reference to the Queen’s Christian faith. Bible readings focussed on the uniqueness of Jesus Christ...

Christianity in today’s world


Okay, lastly, just a few thoughts about Christianity. We believe that Jesus is the answer! Amen! Jesus come! He’s coming back again. There’s a tremendous attack upon that faith all over the world today. There’s open persecution in China, churches being pulled down, prevented from preaching any kind of Gospel. Serving Persecuted Christians Worldwide – World Watch List 2021...

The One-World solution – God’s last Word


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The 1st and 2nd Commandments


Unless it’s the God of the Bible, you’re praying to a god that cannot save; it’s a waste of time.

Tony Pearce

This Month in Prophecy-Part Two


News from Israel – Another inconclusive election.

Mass vaccination and the Green Pass.

Who should control the Temple Mount?

Plans to rebuild Temple and the coming of the Messiah

Pope calls for a New World Order and a one world religion.

Meghan Markle and the royals. ‘ My truth’ versus ‘the truth.’