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Babylon, astrology, divination, and falsehood


The actual word for astrology in the Hebrew language literally means, ‘divining the heavens’. Divination is the act of foretelling future events, or of revealing secret knowledge by means of signs and omens or another supernatural agency. The practice of pagan divination is prohibited by God. One more point about Babylon before we close and look at the positive side of thing...

Spectacle of evolution and deception


The Tower of London hosted the light show “About US” on its walls from November 16-19 and we went down to witness it. The spectacular artwork tells the story of 13.8 billion years of human history from the Big Bang to the present day.  After its showing in London, it is going round the county, to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. About Us | UNBOXED (unboxed2022.uk) The show...

Licht für die Endzeit – Frühling 2021


Israel in den letzten Tagen – Krieg oder Frieden? In Israel geschieht immer etwas Bedeutendes, da die Sammlung des jüdischen Volkes ins Land Israel das Hauptzeichen der letzten Tage und der Wiederkunft des Messias in der Bibel ist. Viele Propheten sprechen darüber, z.B. Jeremia 31.10: „Hört das Wort des Herrn, ihr Heidenvölker, und verkündigt es auf den fernen Inseln und sprecht: Der Israel...

Origins of the world government trend


Previous talks and supporting articles related to the topic PREPARING FOR THE END TIMES can be accessed through these links: what the bible tells us about today reasons to question what we are told So, if they can control the mainstream media, control the education system, control the political world, and allow no opposing view to be expressed, then what you do is you make people afraid of this...

Demons, Miracles, and the Messiah


Demon possession is real. Jesus has the answer, but it was real in His time, it's real in our time, and it's something which we must be aware of and to know that in the name of Jesus we do have the victory over the powers of darkness and over every force of evil.

The 1st and 2nd Commandments


Unless it’s the God of the Bible, you’re praying to a god that cannot save; it’s a waste of time.

Tony Pearce

Signs of the Times. April 20 2021


Three situations that could spark World War III There are three situations in the world which could explode into major wars. Russia, Ukraine Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskiy has called on NATO and key member states to hasten his country’s membership of the western military alliance in response to a growing buildup of Russian forces on his country’s borders.  He spoke to...