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Should Jesus be shared with Jewish people?


Christianity may have been intended to be good news but has been bad news to Jewish people and, sadly, one must look at the history of official Christianity, Roman Catholicism, Russian Orthodox Christians, and all denominations of the church which have consistently pressed and persecuted the Jewish people in the name of Jesus.By about the time you get to the 4th century, the general idea was that...

Proof of Israel’s True Messiah


What is the sin against the Holy Spirit, the unforgivable sin? It’s a big question. I tell you it’s something serious and if you commit this sin, you can’t be forgiven in this age or in the age to come. Now there are two possibilities about how we understand this. That it is a sin which can be committed by anyone at any time and therefore it’s relevant to us now or,That...

When will the Second Coming take place?


When will this be? This is the key question. We’ve got two scenarios: 1. the end of the times of the gentiles, and 2. the fulness of the gentiles. I’ve suggested that these are possibly two different events: One will be the Rapture of the Church when He will take us out of this world unexpectedly at any time. The second will be the end of the times of the gentiles, the Coming of Christ to...