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Facing what’s happening in the world


When you look at the world today, if you look at it as it really is, to be honest, if you put everything together, there really is no hope that we’re going to get it right. World Situation – Infinite Unknown I do a lot of research on this subject. I write a column every month in the Prophecy News about these signs of the time. Prophecy News I get reports from all over the world and, all...

The Great Tribulation


We see also that other forces within the world government are using the kind of fear which people have of what’s coming to get them to comply with what they want them to do. And, one of the things you’ll see in this time is this ‘fear’ – which is a natural fear – will be used as a way in which people will be forced into submission to what the government wants...

Anti-semitism and Zionism


Watch a talk and discussion with Tony Pearce via Zoom given on Monday 19th April at 7pm. Christianity – Anti Semitism and Zionism ·      Roots of Christian anti-Semitism – historic rejection of the Jewish people and misreading the Gospels. ·      Roots of Christian pro-Zionism – the Hebrew prophets and the promise of Israel’s restoration...