Follow your heart?


The problem within us is the problem which is described by Jesus here, the problem which is within the heart, which defiles a man.

Religion and reality – where does defilement come from?


Therefore, you can go against the rules of God they say, the Commandments of God, show the beauty within, follow your heart. Is your heart good? And are you basically good? That is what humanism really wants to tell you.The problem is not outside, its inside. To say that we are good people but we’re messed up by a bad society is not true, the problem is within us.



Mitch Glaser Now, there’s also another element that is greater and it makes the people that we read about in Hebrews 11 greater too. And that is the element of faith. Jewish people like faith too. Faith is important. The writer of Hebrews is speaking to fellow Jewish people before the destruction of the Temple, and he’s talking about faith. He says, Now faith is the assurance of...