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‘Freedom is Slavery’ – George Orwell’s 1984


huffingtonpost.co.uk Britain’s ‘Freedom Day’ from Covid regulations on July 19th was a muted affair. Boris Johnson urged caution as he spoke to the nation from isolation, having been in contact with Sajid Javid who had the virus. There was resistance to the removal of Covid restrictions from the Sage committee that advises the government and from the mainstream media, with talk of a re-imposition...

The world situation


It’s Tony Pearce giving the prophecy talk. I missed one last month so we’re doing this for May and June and it’s July the 6th. I’m going to start with a reading from the book of Luke. Jesus is speaking about the signs of His Second Coming verse 7 of chapter 21: 7 So they (the disciples) asked Him, saying, “Teacher, but when will these things be? And what sign will there be...