Who is Jesus? Yeshua – Salvation


You shall call his name Yeshua Jesus for he shall save his people from their sins. If you know the Bible, people’s names have meaning. Adam means ‘man’, ‘human being’. Eve means ‘hover’ taken from the Hebrew verb ‘to be the mother of all life all living beings’. Abraham means ‘father of a multitude’. And Yeshua, Jesus means...

The Unpardonable sin in Jesus’ generation


We know what happens: the man then rises up, and takes up his bed and walks, which proves that Jesus does have the power to forgive sins. If He has the power to forgive sins, then, He is God. Therefore, this is another sign that Jesus is more than a prophet, He's more than an ordinary man, He is Emmanuel, God with us. Therefore, He is the Messiah. Therefore, He should be accepted as such, and the...

Seeing God – Seeing God while still alive


Today we’re going to continue looking at passage in Exodus 24 which I read two or three weeks ago. When I finished the talk on Exodus 24, I referred to a verse which speaks about how the elders of Israel who went up on the mountain with Moses and how they saw God. Some people said to me: ‘Well, isn’t there a contradiction? It says they saw the God of Israel but there are also...