Is Russia in the Bible?


Introduction In the January 2022 edition of Light for the Last Days I wrote that there were three world situations threatening wars which could have far reaching consequences.  Russia and Ukraine, China and Taiwan and Iran and Israel. Now the Russia and Ukraine war has happened. Will the other two follow? The world was in shock after weeks of denying that he had any intention to invade...

¿Encontramos a Rusia en la Biblia?


Introducción En la edición de enero de 2022 de Luz para los últimos días, escribí que había tres situaciones mundiales que amenazaban con guerras que podrían tener consecuencias de largo alcance. Rusia y Ucrania, China y Taiwán e Irán e Israel. Ahora ha ocurrido la guerra de Rusia y Ucrania. ¿Seguirán los otros dos? El mundo está en estado de shock después de semanas en que ha negado que tenía...

Current Affairs Update — March 2022


Just mentioned that on the 22nd of March, that’s Tuesday, we’re going to have a Israel open meeting uh there’ll be a Jewish speaker speaking from the Israel Bonds and I’ll be speaking. So, a night to honour Israel. That’s a Tuesday and it begins at 7:15pm for refreshments. The actual speaking part will start at eight o’clock. It’ll also be on Zoom, so you can check...