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Spectacle of evolution and deception


The Tower of London hosted the light show “About US” on its walls from November 16-19 and we went down to witness it. The spectacular artwork tells the story of 13.8 billion years of human history from the Big Bang to the present day.  After its showing in London, it is going round the county, to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. About Us | UNBOXED (unboxed2022.uk) The show...

Big Bang or God?


In the beginning there was nothing. Nothing exploded. Out of that explosion an immense universe emerged with stars and planets revolving around them. Order came out of chaos. big-bang-theory.com/ Our own planet earth emerged with precisely the right things needed for life, air, water, soil, plants, animals, heat (not too hot not too cold), etc, by a random process of chance. Life emerged...