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Licht für die Endzeit – Frühling 2021


Israel in den letzten Tagen – Krieg oder Frieden? In Israel geschieht immer etwas Bedeutendes, da die Sammlung des jüdischen Volkes ins Land Israel das Hauptzeichen der letzten Tage und der Wiederkunft des Messias in der Bibel ist. Viele Propheten sprechen darüber, z.B. Jeremia 31.10: „Hört das Wort des Herrn, ihr Heidenvölker, und verkündigt es auf den fernen Inseln und sprecht: Der Israel...

The COVID vaccine Saga


ons.gov.uk There was an interesting situation this week. Last Sunday (I think it was sometime last weekend), Boris Johnson, the prime minister, announced that he was expected to repeal the powers in England that are no longer necessary concerning the Coronavirus Act, as part of the government’s plan for managing Covid over the autumn and the winter. Coronavirus Act 2020 – legislation...

Signs of the Times. April 20 2021


Three situations that could spark World War III There are three situations in the world which could explode into major wars. Russia, Ukraine Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskiy has called on NATO and key member states to hasten his country’s membership of the western military alliance in response to a growing buildup of Russian forces on his country’s borders.  He spoke to...