Signs of the Times – January 2021


Image of the Beast.

Christians in China have been told they must put up images of Communist Party leaders Mao Zedong and Xi Xing Pi in their churches if they want them to stay open.  Pastors have wept as they told how they do not wish to do this but must do so or the state will close them down.

Impoverished Christians living in China who are receiving aid from the state have been ordered to renounce their faith or have their welfare benefits revoked.  During a government meeting in the city of Linfen near the northern province of Shanxi, officials from all villages under the city’s jurisdiction were instructed to remove crosses, religious symbols, and images from the homes of Christians who receive welfare payments and replace them with images of Mao and Xi Jinping. 

For those Christians who refused to comply, the officials were told to withdraw their welfare benefits.  A member of a church located in one of the villages said that officials destroyed all religious symbols pertaining to Christianity within his home and posted pictures of Mao and Xi, saying, “These are the greatest gods. If you want to worship somebody, they are the ones.”  

Information from Bitter Winter.

Why Trump had to go.

Donald Trump is leaving the White House, still protesting that he was cheated out of a second term as US President.  Despite media denials, he may well have a case that there has been serious fraud in the election.  But It was a fight he could not win.  He had to go as US President because he was blocking the way to the globalist project we describe earlier in this magazine.

Trump withdrew the USA from a number of international treaties and bodies: the Paris Climate change agreement, the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Iran nuclear deal, Trans Pacific and Atlantic trade agreements.  On social policies he has been pro family, against abortion, and pro Christian moral values. He has worked in favour of Israel and against Iranian influence in the Middle East.  He supported Britain’s Brexit policy.

President Biden will change all of this as he will go along with the globalist agenda.  He has said his first act will be to put the USA back into Paris Climate Change Agreement and the WHO.  He is pro EU and against Brexit.  He said he will fight the Coronavirus pandemic with plans that include a mandatory mask wearing rule, nationwide lockdowns, Covid testing and contact tracing and universal vaccines.

He is in favour of the diversity agenda and wants to extend LGBT rights with a possible clause to criminalise those who say homosexual practice is sinful.  He is on record of encouraging children to transgender.  He will probably follow through on the culture war in progress through Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests.  If he does not go far enough, he will probably face opposition and be replaced with his deputy, Kamala Harris.  She has come out in support of BLM protests, saying, they are an ‘essential component or mark of a real democracy.’  If you read statements of BLM organisers and their Antifa allies, they are aiming at a Marxist society ending democracy and imposing a new form of dictatorship on America. 

He has said he wants to promote Muslims in his administration and promised to push Congress to pass hate crimes legislation.  Hate crimes can cover statements from biblical Christians who are opposed to the influence of LGBT activists and Islamists.  While we do not hate people, we do oppose these influences and, in the twisted values of our time, this can be considered a hate crime.  It looks likely that there will be a move to suppress the influence of evangelical Christians in America.

So all in all it looks like America is about to become a prime mover in the Global Reset and the New World Order. 

Wars in various places.

Increase in wars and internal conflicts in nations is another sign of the last days.  Matthew 24.6-7, Revelation 6.3-4.  A number of conflicts are erupting around the world, adding to the ongoing conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Libya. Wars have now broken out between Armenia and Azerbaijan and in the Tigray region in Ethiopia.  Lebanon is in turmoil and faces danger of total collapse and civil war.  Northern Nigeria and Sahel region continue to be plagued by Islamist fighting and violence, with frequent massacres of Christians by jihadis.  Conflict continues in parts of Congo where Christian villagers are killed by armed militias.  

Turkey is looking to expand its influence, with its President Ergodan wanting to revive the Ottoman Empire.  He has sent forces into Libya and Syria and involved himself in the conflict in Armenia. He is claiming Greek islands for Turkey and making provocative moves in Turkish controlled areas of Cyprus.  He is threatening Israel, supporting Hamas and calling for the return of Jerusalem to Ottoman rule.  Some of his aides have called for the formation of an Islamic army to come against Israel and put an end to the Jewish state. 

Radical Muslims are encouraging violence in Europe with a series of gruesome terror attacks taking place in France, including beheadings and killing of people in churches. Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said ‘Muslims have a right to be angry and to kill millions of French people for the massacres of the past.’  

There is also an unresolved dispute between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt over the Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam, a mega dam Ethiopia is building on the Blue Nile.  Egypt and Sudan have expressed concerns the dam will reduce the flow of the Nile waters to their countries which they rely on. Egypt has called the project an existential threat and threatened to blow it up.  Bible prophecy in Isaiah 19 implies a threat to the Nile River and Egypt in the last days of this age.

There have been warnings that China is in danger of starting a major war after it seeks to expand its influence in the far East.  China has been involved in a bitter border war with India in the Himalayas.  It has come close to conflict with the US after constructing military islands in the South China Sea. It has sent a massive fleet of 250 fishing vessels to fish illegally and plunder rare species of fish from the protected waters off the Galapagos Islands in South America.   It has imposed a ruthless hold over Hong Kong encouraging people to spy on each other and report dissidents to the Communist Party rulers. It continues to threaten Taiwan’s independence.  It expands its influence in Africa and South America, where it is exploiting these countries for their resources.  It is infiltrating a number of western interests and companies with its agents, as it seeks to dominate the world economy.  The Daily Express ran a headline: ‘World War 3 fears soar as German spy chief warns China is close to ‘world domination.’ 

Famine in 2021

Unless there is some sort of unforeseen miracle, millions of people could starve to death in 2021.  We are facing a global food crisis that is unlike anything we have ever seen before in modern times.  According to David Beasley, head of the UN World Food Programme, 2021 “is literally going to be catastrophic” as we face “the worst humanitarian crisis year since the beginning of the United Nations”.

Freakish weather patterns, crippling droughts and colossal armies of locusts have devastated crops throughout 2020, and the COVID pandemic is putting an extreme amount of stress on global food distribution systems.  As a result, food prices are surging and hundreds of millions of people living in impoverished countries now find themselves unable to afford enough food to eat on a regular basis.  Even in wealthy countries of North America and Europe, millions of people are already experiencing food insecurity, relying on food banks and hand outs from charity.  If demand and prices continue to sky rocket we can expect an escalating food crisis world wide in the coming year.  

The Bible warns of famine and food shortage as one of the signs of the last days.  Matthew 24.7, Revelation 6.5-6.

May the Lord come soon!