Signs of the Times – November 2022


Whither bound COP? Some 40,000 attendees have travelled to Sharm el-Sheikh on Egypt’s Sinai coast for the UN’s COP 27 Climate Change Conference.  This includes over 100 world leaders as well as leaders in business and other sectors. In conjunction with the UN event, a group of Christian, Jewish and Muslim faith leaders are seeking a faith-based solution to the ecological crisis by promoting...

UK update


Talk given on October 16, 2022

What’s behind Truss’ resignation?

Steppingstones to world power


Crises like the dire financial situation of developing countries and the fate of the Sustainable Development Goals. And crises like the lack of guardrails around promising new technologies to heal disease, connect people and expand opportunity. UN Secretary General António Guterres – September 20, 2022 Are we really in crisis? As soon as Tuesday came along, after the funeral, normal service...

Is the world falling apart or coming together?


Français Español Could it be both? The veteran philosopher and political activist, Noam Chomsky, wrote in April’s edition of the Spectator magazine: “We’re approaching the most dangerous point in human history… We are now facing the prospect of destruction of organised human life on Earth.”  Noam Chomsky – Wikipedia Chomsky is not the only one warning of a time of extreme danger and...

Current Affairs Update – April 2022


Such a global digital global currency would require the establishment of a global digital identity for every person on the planet. That’s what some people would like to see, and you might think it’s far-fetched, ‘it couldn’t happen’, but there are people already planning it. And already, it’s happening in some measure in China. So, if that spreads, then you’ve got a...



2 月 23 日,鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)在英国取消了限制的束缚,欢呼“我们和平时期历史上最黑暗、最严酷的岁月”的结束。 2月24日,俄罗斯入侵乌克兰,引发了欧洲自二战以来最大的危机,甚至威胁要使用核武器。在接下来的几周里,过去两年一直占据新闻头条的 Covid 完全停播了。 那么Covid议程是否正在瓦解?在本杂志的前几期中,我们曾写过像世界经济论坛和比尔和梅琳达盖茨基金会这样的幕后有影响力的人物如何呼吁全世界接种疫苗,在 IT 系统上注册,并鼓励采纳健康护照为了进入社会日常活动。通过这种方式,他们希望创建一个能够监测人口的全球系统,并得到顺从的政客、主流媒体和医务人员的支持。现在,随着因病毒感染重病的人数下降,以及越来越多的国家取消了对 Covid 的授权,他们似乎在这一点上倒退了。...



2 月 23 日,鮑里斯·約翰遜(Boris Johnson)在英國取消了限制的束縛,歡呼“我們和平時期歷史上最黑暗、最嚴酷的歲月”的結束。 2月24日,俄羅斯入侵烏克蘭,引發了歐洲自二戰以來最大的危機,甚至威脅要使用核武器。在接下來的幾周里,過去兩年一直佔據新聞頭條的 Covid 完全停播了。 那麼Covid議程是否正在瓦解?在本雜誌的前幾期中,我們曾寫過像世界經濟論壇和比爾和梅琳達蓋茨基金會這樣的幕後有影響力的人物如何呼籲全世界接種疫苗,在 IT 系統上註冊,並鼓勵採納健康護照為了進入社會日常活動。通過這種方式,他們希望創建一個能夠監測人口的全球系統,並得到順從的政客、主流媒體和醫務人員的支持。現在,隨著因病毒感染重病的人數下降,以及越來越多的國家取消了對 Covid 的授權,他們似乎在這一點上倒退了。...

The Antichrist does NOT come out of nowhere


One of the features of our time is what we call globalization or global governance. We’ve recently seen a big conference taking place in Glasgow, the COP26 Conference where they got all world leaders together to discuss climate change. They didn’t come to the conclusion they wanted but they’re going to have another conference next year and if they don’t get to a conclusion then...

The Antichrist is coming


Just as it is the last hour in John’s letter, in one sense, technically, as far as biblical dispensations are concerned, we have been in the last days since the day of Pentecost. “Little children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come, by which we know that it is the last hour.” 1...