A po jetojmë në ditët e fundit? 


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A-po-jetojme-ne-ditet-e-fundit (Albanian)Download

Are we living in the last days?


Talk on this subject at The Bridge Christian Fellowship, 54, Bridge Lane, London NW11 0EH on 12 March at 6.30pm.  Meetings at this address every Sunday at 11 am and 6.30pm. Read and/or download the pamphlet (below) and come on Sunday to listen to Tony explain it. According to the Bible there will be a period of time in which events will take place fulfilling prophecies...

Can you lose your salvation?


‘Have you found salvation?’ This is a question which often troubles Christians, especially when they have seen people who identify as Christians but then go off and do something entirely contrary to the Christian faith or lose interest and stop attending any Christian fellowship. This then raises the question: ‘Where do these people stand in relation to the Lord and His salvation?’ ‘If they are...