TagAuthor of Salvation

Saving the World


We know that we belong to God

even though the whole world

is under the rule of the Evil One.

1 John 5.19

Is there a life after Covid?


And the second beast

required all people small and great,

rich and poor, free and slave,

to receive a mark on their right hand

or on their forehead

Revelation 13.16-17

Last Days Prophecy


Behold, disaster shall go forthFrom nation to nation,And a great whirlwind shall be raised upFrom the farthest parts of the Earth.

Jeremiah 25.32

Hope deferred


Hope deferred makes

the heart grow sick,

but when the desire comes,

it is a tree of life.

Proverbs 12.13

Walk in the Spirit


But if you are led by the Spirit,

you are not under the law

Galatians 5.18

God’s Banner


If I be lifted up from the earth,

I will draw all men unto me

John 12.32



for what son is there whom

a father does not chasten?

Proverbs 3.7