Sunday Services – October 15, 2023


If Israel comes through the current crisis with its borders intact and the security situation restored, this could then make way for the 7-year covenant prophesied in Daniel 9.27. This will not be a genuine peace and will break down half way through this period (after three and a half years), setting off the final period of the Great Tribulation (Jeremiah 30, Daniel 12, Matthew 24). It will conclude with the physical appearance of the Messiah on the earth at the last battle (Armageddon).

11:00 AM 

Trevor Stewart-Sweet of The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry will speak in the morning service. This will be an in-person service with live streaming.

It is amazing that so much is falling into place showing that we are living in the last days.

6:30 PM 

Simon Turpin of Answers in Genesis will be speaking in the evening. This will be an in-person service.

The only answer is Jesus. So sad that not so many people can see it.

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