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The Trial of Jesus in the Gospels Lacks Credibility


Asher Norman brings the following accusations against the Gospel accounts of the trial of Jesus. The Gospels of Matthew and Mark contradict John.  They speak of a Jewish trial of Jesus whereas John does not. Before the Sanhedrin the accusation against Jesus was blasphemy whereas before the Romans the accusation was sedition – claiming to be King, and telling the Jews not to pay taxes to the...

Da Vinci Code – Chapter 2: The Council of Nicea and the identity of Jesus


In the Da Vinci Code Teabing claims that at the Council of Nicea the Emperor Constantine led the bishops to declare Jesus as Son of God by a vote – ‘a relatively close vote at that’ (page 315). This was a new idea because ‘Until that moment in history Jesus was viewed by His followers as a mortal prophet … a great and powerful man, but a man nonetheless, a mortal.’ In other words Christianity as...

Was Jesus elected God in 325 CE ?


Asher Norman says: The idea of the Trinity was made up by the Catholic Church, a status Jesus was elected to at the Council of Nicea in 325 CE. This was done on the orders of the Emperor Constantine who wished to make Christianity the new state religion of the Roman Empire.   This ‘son of god’ status being given to Jesus was a follow on from pagan ideas of ‘god men’ such as Mithras and Dionysus...

Was Jesus a Jewish freedom fighter?


For many Jewish people the kind of arguments presented on this website are invalid because as far as they are concerned the Bible in general and the New Testament in particular are unreliable documents.  There is a great deal of collusion between liberal Jewish and Christian scholars who undermine the message of the Bible and present an entirely different interpretation of the events recorded in...

The New Testament and anti-Semitism – a blessing or a curse to the Jews?


Traditional Christians have taught that ‘Jews killed Jesus’ and are therefore under a curse from God which goes from generation to generation.  Certain verses from the Gospel have been used to perpetuate this lie.  Therefore the Jews sought all the more to kill Him, because He not only broke the Sabbath, but also said that God was His Father, making Himself equal with God...

Crucifixion accounts


Messiah dying for our sins is a ‘non-Jewish idea.’ In Reason 14 of his book Asher Norman rejects the idea of the Messiah dying for sin as a ‘non-Jewish idea.’  He says that the Jewish Messiah ben David is not supposed to die before fulfilling his mission.    This is not the whole truth on this matter.  There is a view within Judaism of two Messiahs, one known as Messiah ben Joseph, who suffers...



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Signs of the Times – October 2021


The politics of Climate Change A number of weather-related disasters have happened in recent months, floods, fires, heatwaves and droughts.  All these have been blamed on ‘anthropomorphic (man-made) global warming’, the issue the world is coming together to address at the COP Climate Conference in Glasgow in November.  COP26-Explained.pdf ( The UN’s IPCC released a document...

UFO’s – Trippers from outer space?


The recent release by the Mexican government of a video apparently showing 11 flying saucers circling one of its patrol jets has boosted the claim that this planet is regularly visited by trippers from outer space.  Belief in UFOs is now an established part of the worldview of millions of people, especially in the western world where for many it has become a substitute religion.  This is the...

Light for the Last Days: July 2021 edition


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